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TO BOOK – there are three steps

  1.  Click on the green (far right) button above to create an account with Luna Yoga in Punchpass, our booking system.
  2. Once you have an account click on ‘Purchase a Pass’ where for example you can purchase 6 passes/classes to be attended in six weeks.
  3. Once you have a pass you can book into your chosen class by clicking on Calendar or Schedule.   

If you have any questions please

email: or

phone: 0409489006 Viv.

The classes at Luna Yoga run in six-week blocks/courses.

Our next six-week block commences from Saturday 19-August to Friday 29-September.

We ask you to commit to six (or more) classes in this specified six-week time frame. Ideally one class a week, however if you miss your usual class, you can make it up at another class time.

Our courses are designed in a progressive manner i.e. what you learn from one week is carried over to the next. This gives you the best chance to develop and enjoy your yoga practice creating coherence and depth in your understanding.

We don’t offer one off or casual classes as when a new student joins the group, they are out of sync with the teachings that have gone before and disorientation may occur.

If you are new to yoga (and Iyengar Yoga) and commence at the beginning of a six week block you are taught the fundamentals and each week you and the class builds on the last weeks teachings. This develops a cohesive group of yogis which is very supportive in nature. The progression of the group amplifies your transformation.