Private Lessons


Private Lessons

With Vivienne O’Brien

A Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Please note if you are a Luna Yoga student and have any issues or aliments, we encourage you to email Viv or talk with your teacher before and during class for guidance. This on-going communication is essential..

Private lessons are beneficial if you:

• are new to yoga and feel you need extra preparation before joining into an Introductory course.

• have an injury or new problematic area in your body and require one-on-one attention to learn ways of supporting the area to promote healing so you can return to your regular class.

• have an on-going condition and would like to learn how to adapt asanas to meet your circumstances.

• are a regular Luna yogi and looking to work through particular issues where you can ask many questions and discuss extensively.

• attend Zoom classes only and seeking the personal adjustments that you have been missing from face-to-face classes.

• need encouragement in finding your way back into your yoga practice after a significant break.

• are an experienced yogi but new to Iyengar Yoga and wish to fast track your understanding of the Iyengar method so you can jump into an advanced level class.

This list is just a few reasons for a private lesson, there are many more valid reasons for seeking the attention and intimacy of a one-on-one lesson.

A private lesson can be a one off, several consecutive lessons or ongoing.

They are designed it give you a clear and confident pathway to progress and deepen your yoga practice and support your regular class time or help you join into a regular class at Luna.

Sessions are available Mondays and Fridays

Times: 9:00AM, 10:00AM or 11:00AM
Fee $100

TO BOOK – email Viv with your preferred day and time.