What Is It About Yoga That Keeps Us On The Mat?

My explanations always feel inadequate but I think it’s something about the expansive feeling it gives us … by opening our bodies, our minds expand … it is an awesome feeling! It raises our consciousness which draws the… Read More

Why Do We Seek Consistent Practice Yoga?

The casual yoga practice that drops in and out, that takes place only when convenient, never really gains traction. It just skims across the surface and the incredible power of our minds is never harnessed – its potential… Read More


In our practice we do the same asanas over and over.… repetitively. However, the more we repeat, the more we investigate, the more we see, feel and understand. It’s like the microscope we are looking through becomes more… Read More

To Live On This Planet Is To Live In Rhythm

We cannot escape the rhythm of the seasons, the cycle of day and night, the movement of the tides and of course our own bodily rhythms – our heartbeat, our breath. We function well when we are in… Read More

Stocking Our Yoga Fire

A fire will eventually burn out unless attended to. There is something very gratifying about stocking a fire: you stir it up, add more fuel, watch the flames ignite and feel the heat embrace you. Keeping the fire… Read More

‘Life Is A Race Against Time’

– a quote from Sunday Adelaja   In yogic terms life is a race against time in relation to our learning. Can we learn enough before age catches up with us? Do we have a deep understanding of… Read More

Rest & Repair Or Fight & Flight

Along with the rest of Melbourne our Luna student body is being hit with the full force of COVID and winter colds and flues. Our bodies are intuitively tuned to continually repair, replace and heal. Healing happens naturally… Read More

Consistent Participation Is The Hey!

Each class is not independent but part of a much bigger picture. Each class has a thread that links the work from the last class and prepares you for the work in the next class. This thread is… Read More

Turning The Dial

If I waited for the perfect conditions to practise yoga, my house would be clean, my fridge full, every email answered – I could continue to add another 100 things to the list, but we practise because we… Read More