Yoga Classes in Melbourne

Luna Yoga Interior

 Moving from one level to the next is a progression that is guided by your confidence and your teacher’s recommendation.

I N T R O D U C T O R Y  C O U R S E

All ages and fitness levels are welcome. The class is designed for beginners so you do not need to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility. 
90 minute class.

S T E P P I N G   CL A S S 

The Stepping Stone class is for yogis who have attend eight-weeks of Introductory classes. It consolidates the poses that have been taught and introduces more challenging postures in preparation for the two-hour class.
90 minute class. 

T W O  H O U R  C L A S S 

A wide range of postures are practiced including head stand, shoulder stand and backbends. The class is designed for regular Luna Yogis. 
2 hour class.


L E D   P R A C T I  S E 

The two-hour practice is led by the teachers in training at Luna. It is a great way to get an extra practice into your week. You may attend once you have paid for the current four-week block.
2 hour class.

G E N T L E   Y O  G A 

A slow paced well supported class for yogis with limited movement and or energy. The gradual step by step and repetitive approach of the class enables students to become familiar with the postures, to learn and to build confidence. Time will be taken to observe and steady the breath to help calm and soothe the nervous system.
75 minute class.