Yoga Classes in Melbourne

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 Moving from one level to the next is a progression that will be guided by your confidence and your teacher’s recommendation.

Introductory Course

All ages and fitness levels are welcome. You do not have to have a certain level of fitness or flexibility to join as the class is designed for beginners.
90 minute class.

Level 1

Consolidates poses taught in the Introductory Course especially shoulder stand.
90 minute class. 

Level 2

Wide range of postures are introduced including headstand.
90 minute class.

Level 3

Challenging two hour class for students wishing to deepen their yoga practice. Headstand and shoulder stand variations are taught.
2 hour class.


Led Class

In this two hour class the teacher leads and the Level 1, 2 and 3 students follow. It is a great way to get an extra practice into your week. You may attend casually if you are already booked into a course.
2 hour class.