Introductory Course


Beginner Yoga Classes in Melbourne

One of the great things about yoga is that it’s an activity that is not limited to people of a certain age, level of fitness or flexibility, or level of experience. As long as you have the willingness to try something new and open up to the experience, you will likely discover many health and wellness benefits for yourself. But everyone needs a starting point, and a introductory yoga class is the logical choice. Luna Yoga provides yoga classes for beginners where students can learn the fundamentals of the Iyengar Yoga method. You will learn the fundamental standing poses, twists and gentle back and forward bends. Our Introductory Course is also useful for people who have taken an extended break from yoga and wish to ease back into it.

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The ideal way to start yoga is with the Introductory Course.

It is a 90 minute class once a week for four weeks. The course is designed for beginners! No previous experience is needed or expected.

  • $180 for a SIX week course

    I N T R O D U C T O R Y . C O U R S E

    For students new to yoga
    Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00 PMNicoleStarts2-July
    Wednesday6:00 - 7:30 PMVivienneStarts3-July
    Thursday7:30 - 9:00 PMAndreaStarts4-July

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  • We always recommend practising yoga on an empty stomach. We suggest waiting three hours after a heavy meal or an hour following a light snack. Hydrate well before your class, and be sure to wear light, comfortable clothing.

  • Being a yoga beginner’s course you might think you need to bring something along. Luna Yoga is a fully equipped yoga studio, so you don’t need to bring a thing. Just yourselves!

  • For your own safety and wellbeing, it’s vital that you inform us of any medical conditions, injuries and illnesses when registering, as some yoga poses might be counterproductive to your experience.