Why Do We Seek Consistent Practice Yoga?

The casual yoga practice that drops in and out, that takes place only when convenient, never really gains traction. It just skims across the surface and the incredible power of our minds is never harnessed – its potential is never fully realised.

When our practice is consistent, we have a chance to get to the ‘coalface’ of the practice, to a place where we can go deeper: where our minds are engaged, where our minds are trained, where our minds are disciplined.

With a disciplined mind we can stay at the coalface and learn about ourselves. We learn what we need to learn, i.e. what we need to practice. At the coalface we are challenged: we struggle, we grapple, and in doing so the understanding about ourselves is expanded. In turn this expanded understanding broadens our horizons and we are opened up to our possibilities.

On reflection we probably all recognise some yogic growth. However, if we are true to the practice we stay at the coalface, that place that is constantly challenging us – and this takes courage! And so courage is what we develop.

This courage dares us to listen to our hearts, to use our imagination, to express our creativity, to make choices that steer us towards our possibilities and help us to meet life with more ease!

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