Rest & Repair Or Fight & Flight

Along with the rest of Melbourne our Luna student body is being hit with the full force of COVID and winter colds and flues.

Our bodies are intuitively tuned to continually repair, replace and heal. Healing happens naturally – I think miraculously! We cut ourselves and the skin and muscle will automatically repair. However, healing does take energy so we need to rest to ensure our energy is fully available for the healing process.

When we are stressed energy is prioritised to protect us so that most of our bodily systems, including the immune system, shut down, so that our energy is stored and ready for the fight or flight response that stress triggers.

To heal swiftly we need to rest and completely trust in our body’s ability to heal and RELAX ! 

If you have been ill and are now ready to return to the mat RESTORATIVE asanas are done first to help rebuild your reserve of energy. Jumping back into a normal practice can set some students back so care must be taken to progress slowly.

If you have been ill, please let your teacher know so she can adapt some of the more strenuous asanas to meet your needs, and remember it is important not to overheat or overexert.

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