‘Life Is A Race Against Time’

– a quote from Sunday Adelaja


In yogic terms life is a race against time in relation to our learning. Can we learn enough before age catches up with us? Do we have a deep understanding of how to practise as we age?

Now in my 60’s, in hindsight I want say to my younger self ‘do more yoga’. And so, we take the benefit of hindsight and say ‘do more yoga now!’  I think I can hear my 70-year-old self saying exactly that.

Our practice doesn’t develop through willpower or force – especially in these times when so many of us have been ill. Instead, it develops from lightness and the delicacy of our precision. These qualities are developed through repetition. When we have repetition on our side it takes the pressure off, it takes the expectation away because we know we have many opportunities – many practices ahead of us. Can we set up the best conditions so our practice, both home and in class, is scheduled first?

I feel we are very fortunate to have access to learning: we have the support of our Luna Yoga community and the wise teachings from the Iyengar lineage.

Our opportunities are abundant – let’s embrace them fully! 

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