To Live On This Planet Is To Live In Rhythm

We cannot escape the rhythm of the seasons, the cycle of day and night, the movement of the tides and of course our own bodily rhythms – our heartbeat, our breath. We function well when we are in sync with the rhythms life has given us.

Developing a yoga practice rhythm is no different. Our bodies respond optimally to a practice that is regular same time, same place! Many of you have established class times and home practices that are embedded in your weekly routines. For the new yogis at Luna establishing this pattern is crucial for your practice to begin to transform you. It is the steady repetitive nature of your yoga classes that we are looking to synchronise with your lives.

When we stay in sync with our practice rhythm we stay closely in touch with our feelings, with our purpose, and with both our reality and our dreams. When we are out of sync, we get confused and find it difficult to trust our intuition. Then we start to look outside ourselves – outside of our hearts for answers.

Our yoga practice begins with a regular weekly class time that can then go on to include a home practice, a morning meditation or joining the pranayama class. These yogic practices keep us tuned into our rhythm and our sense of the bigger picture of our life cycle.

So, we are always looking to develop and strengthen our ‘practice culture’ so that when life gets tough and chaos creeps in, our practice is not the first thing that we drop out of, instead it is what we chose to drop into! It is our go to place to find stability and space. Waiting for the right conditions to practice can be a real trap to never starting or never fully engaging in our yoga practice. Life does not stand still and say, “okay, now you can do yoga’. Only we can decide to prioritise our practice. The conviction behind that decision is what I mean by strengthening our practice culture.

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