Stocking Our Yoga Fire

A fire will eventually burn out unless attended to. There is something very gratifying about stocking a fire: you stir it up, add more fuel, watch the flames ignite and feel the heat embrace you.

Keeping the fire alive in our practice also needs stocking. If we don’t consistently stock our ‘yoga fire’ the practice will slowly burn out – watching a practice fade away is painful!

Our practice can’t tread water for very long, it is either fading out or moving forward. A practice that moves forward is developing. It is evolving though consistent engagement, through consistent stocking!

We want to be wholeheartedly behind our practice because it’s our practice that fuels us! We love it when the practice has a rhythm, when the continuity in the practice enables us to build on the previous yoga practice.

You and your practice are one and the same, giving your practice fuel gives you fuel.

Getting to class consistently is the fuel needed to keep your practice alight!

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